Meet our Team

Over 150 years experience in automotive repair

Denny Szittai - Owner/Technician

Factory training, 40+ years of experience
ASE and other certifications


Joshua Pavkov - Service Manager

7+ Years of experience

Dave Myers - Technician

Formal Training, 30+ years of experience

Brian Kutz - Technician

Formal training, 25+ years of experience
ASE and other certifications

Daniel Szittai - Mechanic, working on at an electronic diagnostic software station

Daniel Szittai - Technician

Formal training, 10 years of experience,
ASE Training


David Reed - Technician 

Formal training, 10 years of experience





Stop by and you'll meet our professional and friendly staff.

Our team is chosen for their reliability, knowledge, and skill. We are committed to maintaining our training and certifications to keep up with the rapidly changing car industry.

Together, we have over 150 years experience in auto repair.